How Snug can help you on your parenting journey

Did you know that monitoring your child’s health, growth and developmental milestones is an important indicator of future health outcomes?

At Astute Simplicity Health we know it can be difficult and sometimes overwhelming to keep up to date with your child’s changing health information.

That is why we are pleased to offer you Snug.

Snug – Australia’s most innovative and easy to use digital health record – makes it easy to keep on top of your child’s developmental milestones or when working with child health professionals.

  • Your digital blue book:  Rather than use your paper-based Personal Health Record you and your child are given in hospital, why not carry it digitally on your phone? Snug can record all your child’s valuable health information that you may need throughout their journey from illness and injuries through to allergies and growth statistics.
  • Record your milestones:  Are you wondering how quickly your baby is growing? With Snug, you can record your child’s length, weight and head circumference for the first two years of their life.  You can also record when they took their first steps, had their first haircut and said their first word.
  • Keep track of immunisations:  Life can get busy and it can be hard to remember the last time you or your child were immunised for things such as hepatitis B, tetanus or whooping cough.  Snug allows you to keep up to date with your family’s immunisation schedule right from your pocket.  It can tell you when you are overdue for a vaccination, or allow you to keep track of your immunisation history by recording your last vaccination.
  • Record health events and share this with your GP: Provide yourself with peace of mind by ensuring you have all your child’s information at hand when it comes to visiting your GP or child health nurse. Has your doctor asked you to record the amount of times your child snores? – Snug makes it easy to record this at the touch of a button as it happens rather than rely on recollection at your appointment.
  • Circle of Care: Snug makes it easy for you to share your health information with those closest to you through Circle of Care. Use it to keep track of your family’s health and list your emergency contacts. Circle of Care allows you to give other people permission to access your health information to support you in achieving your child’s health outcomes.

The full version of Snug is available to all Astute Simplicity Health members for free.

Downloading Snug is easy. Simply visit the App Store or Goggle Play to download by searching for Snug. Rest assured, the only people who can access your Snug record are those that you allow.

For more information about Snug and how to use this innovative product, visit or connect to Snug on Facebook @SnugHealth.

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