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Code of conduct

Code of conduct

Astute Simplicity Health, through the Underwriter St Lukes is a signatory to the Private Health Insurance Code of Conduct, a self-regulatory code that aims to promote the partnerships between private health insurers, consumers, agents and brokers.

Funds who are signatories to this code will:

Work towards improving the standards of practice and service in the private health insurance industry

Provide information to you in language you can understand

Promise better, informed decisions about private health insurance products by:

a. Ensuring that policy documentation is full and complete
b. Provide clear explanations of the contents of the policy documentation when asked by you; and
c. Ensure our consultants providing health insurance information are appropriately trained.

Provide information to you on your rights and obligations under your relationship with your health fund, including information on the Private Health Insurance Code of Conduct.

Provide members with easy access to their internal dispute resolution procedures, and advise you of your rights to take an issue to an external body like the Private Health Insurance Ombudsman. 

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