Astute Simplicity Health will be closed on Thursday, April 25 for the ANZAC Day public holiday and will re-open on Friday, April 26.

Switching is Easy!

Switching is Easy!

Switching Health Insurance might sound hard, but at Astute Simplicity Health, we make it easy. We provide a range of ways to switch, find an option that suits you!

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Switching to Astute Simplicity Health is easy

No waiting periods apply when switching to an equivalent level of cover, where all waiting periods have been served with your previous fund. 

Transferring from another fund without loss of benefits

If you have served all your waiting periods with another fund, you can transfer to equivalent or lower cover with Astute Simplicity Health without having to re-serve waiting periods on benefits common to both funds, providing you transfer within 2 months of ceasing to be covered by your previous fund. If you transfer to a higher level of cover, some waiting periods may apply for the higher benefits.

Let us do the paperwork

When you transfer to Astute Simplicity Health, we’ll contact your previous fund for you. All we need is for you to complete a clearance request with your application form. Or you can join online.

We’ll request all necessary information from your previous fund in order to transfer your cover and we’ll also request they cancel your policy on your behalf. It’s that easy.

Our guarantee

We’re certain you’ll be satisfied with your Astute Simplicity Health membership so we offer you our membership guarantee. If within the first 30 days of joining Astute Simplicity Health you are not fully satisfied with the cover you have chosen, we will refund any premium paid by you providing there have been no claims made against your policy during that period.

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